Chapter Two: Truth and Disposition

I’m learning that attitude is everything.  Y’all, attitude is everything.  It dictates how you respond to people, how your day will go, how you feel about yourself.

My mantra for the last month or so has been, “Your disposition in life has nothing to do with me. My disposition in life has nothing to do with you.”

I recite this when I’m getting impatient or angry. I recite it when someone is treating me like crap, especially when I don’t know them.

We all wake up and experience this entire world in entirely different ways. That’s where the perception of truth comes in. I can say you cut me off in traffic, you can say there was plenty of room for you to switch lanes. I could allow myself to be upset or I can recite my mantra and understand that whatever I have going on that has me riled up has nothing to do with you. This allows me to reclaim my actions and engage in an appropriate or civil manner.

I especially love to remember this when others are being rude or mean. Man oh man, can you imagine how much love I have to conjure up to melt the cold ice inside? It’s easy to be hateful and rude, but to say that whatever you have going on won’t change how I interact with you is something entirely different. It’s about understanding that we all go through stuff and that stuff will change our perception, or truth, at every turn.

You ever have a great morning but by noon it’s the worst day of your life to date? Check in with yourself.

So when things start to get heavy just remember you have the option and ability to make every situation better, if not for others then do it for yourself. You deserve sunshine and rainbows and happiness.


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