Chapter Five: Be Specific

We all have needs and wants. But we often confuse the two. We need food, water, and housing. We want the best of all of those things. Sometimes we think if we can’t get the best we shouldn’t get anything. 

Needs over wants. 

You have to start from the base basic need in order to build up to the best of that need. 

So be specific. 

We put things out into the atmosphere. We ask God/the universe for so many things. We say, “I really want to find a better job.” Or, “I neee to pay my rent but I don’t know how I’m going to do that this month.” We put intentions out there without really following through or believing. 

When I was 17 I moved out of my aunt’s house. It wasn’t the best situation, but I admit that it could have been worse. I prayed for a way out for almost three years before my prayers were answered. 

Side note: be patient. 

Years later I found myself in an unhappy relationship. I had given so much. When we invest time and energy into something or someone, it’s hard to let go. (You don’t owe time or energy to anyone but yourself, just so you know.) I prayed for a sign that I needed to let go. That it was okay to let go. Not even twenty four hours later I received that sign, but I ignored it. 

Side note: be open to the answer, whether it’s what you want or not. Be ready to follow through. 

This past year, after spending so much time working two jobs, I prayed for a full-time position. I started landing interviews but didn’t have any offers. Then I prayed for a full-time position doing something I was passionate about. I landed more interviews than before and received some offers. I finally accepted a position that would allow me to obtain the experience I need for my desired field. 

This is why I say be specific and be ready to follow through. 

I’m a morning person and have been since the dawn of time. The position I accepted is second shift. That entails me going to work in the afternoon and getting home just after midnight. BUT it’s full-time. 

I put all my prayers and intentions into finding a full-time position in this field, but I forgot one the most important factors-time. Had I added that to my prayers and intentions I would have probably landed some type of dream job that I didn’t even qualify for. 

Things happen the way they happen because of our intentions, actions, and what we need, not want. 

I need the experience and I love the job, I just would have preferred a different shift. This just means I have to reset my intentions and work towards them. 

Be as specific as you can when you pray, set intentions, or begin manifesting. Be patient with the process. Trust God/the universe with timing. When you ask for something make sure you’re prepared for the answer. And make sure you’re ready to follow through, even if that means standing still. 


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