What Will We Do When They Come for Us?

I make no apologies for who I am or what I believe. 

I am human. I am a lesbian. I am black. I am a lover of philosophy and Jesus (not to be confused with the title “Christian”).

That being said, I’m having the hardest time wrapping my head around one person embodying so much hate that they can’t stand the existence of groups of people. They can’t live knowing they are breathing the same air. They can’t function on a daily basis without acknowledging that hate and making it known in some overt way. 

Donald Trump (better known as simply Donald or Voldemort) and his flunkies, his Death Eaters, are literally a force to be reckoned with. Our very existence depends on it. 

Yes, it is indeed time to get political. I have avoided it for far too long. 

Voldemort has attacked pretty much every minority group known, in some way or another. We barely budged when he signed off on the Dakota pipeline. We were appalled when he issued gag order after gag order in favor of his “alternative news.” We hollered when he told us we had to pay for this “great wall.” But what will we do now that he is deporting and prohibiting people from our land…their land? It’s hitting too close to home for me. Attack one group of people of color and that basically means you’re attacking us all. 

We have leaders ready to go to war against us (who knew World War III would come so quickly?). We have leaders taking in the very people being deported. 

But what are WE doing? While Voldemort continues to sign away our very lives we are sitting and watching. Some of us may even be praying. 

But where is our action?

Not everyone can protest. Hell, not everyone wants to protest. And honestly, protests without clear demands aren’t helpful in getting things done, but creating awareness. But what can you do? Can you blog? Can you tweet? Can you organize?

This is the time to fight back. Our liberties are at stake. Our homes. Our freedom. And our lives. 

Our lives are at stake. 

We saw that, in the first day or so with the repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act, Anglo-Saxons aren’t safe. We saw with the signing of the Dakota pipeline that Natives aren’t safe. We are seeing now that our Middle Eastern and African brothers and sisters aren’t safe. So when will you realize you aren’t safe either?

Get out there. Use your gifts. Spread the word. Take action. We hear all this talk about the 1%. Well, what about the 99%? 


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