What Will We Do When They Come for Us?

I make no apologies for who I am or what I believe. 

I am human. I am a lesbian. I am black. I am a lover of philosophy and Jesus (not to be confused with the title “Christian”).

That being said, I’m having the hardest time wrapping my head around one person embodying so much hate that they can’t stand the existence of groups of people. They can’t live knowing they are breathing the same air. They can’t function on a daily basis without acknowledging that hate and making it known in some overt way. 

Donald Trump (better known as simply Donald or Voldemort) and his flunkies, his Death Eaters, are literally a force to be reckoned with. Our very existence depends on it. 

Yes, it is indeed time to get political. I have avoided it for far too long. 

Voldemort has attacked pretty much every minority group known, in some way or another. We barely budged when he signed off on the Dakota pipeline. We were appalled when he issued gag order after gag order in favor of his “alternative news.” We hollered when he told us we had to pay for this “great wall.” But what will we do now that he is deporting and prohibiting people from our land…their land? It’s hitting too close to home for me. Attack one group of people of color and that basically means you’re attacking us all. 

We have leaders ready to go to war against us (who knew World War III would come so quickly?). We have leaders taking in the very people being deported. 

But what are WE doing? While Voldemort continues to sign away our very lives we are sitting and watching. Some of us may even be praying. 

But where is our action?

Not everyone can protest. Hell, not everyone wants to protest. And honestly, protests without clear demands aren’t helpful in getting things done, but creating awareness. But what can you do? Can you blog? Can you tweet? Can you organize?

This is the time to fight back. Our liberties are at stake. Our homes. Our freedom. And our lives. 

Our lives are at stake. 

We saw that, in the first day or so with the repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act, Anglo-Saxons aren’t safe. We saw with the signing of the Dakota pipeline that Natives aren’t safe. We are seeing now that our Middle Eastern and African brothers and sisters aren’t safe. So when will you realize you aren’t safe either?

Get out there. Use your gifts. Spread the word. Take action. We hear all this talk about the 1%. Well, what about the 99%? 


Chapter Two: “Stoop Kid’s Afraid to Leave His Stoop.”

When I came up with this title I had no idea how much it resonated with me. For years I was working a job that was supposed to last long enough for me to find something “real,” meaning a career. 

Three entire years. 

I had tried to quit several times. I even picked up a second job hoping it would turn into a full-time position. But I did that with no luck. 

Three entire years. 

I hardly thought about moving up because I didn’t want to be there. I learned all the things that outlined my position as we well as those higher up than me. I learned policies and procedures. I worked in high stress situations with a calm head. I found solutions to problems and suggested improvements. I even transferred locations and began to adjust all while getting in the groove of achieving everything I had achieved at my last location. 

Two years in and I realized how valuable I was and began talks about a promotion. 

—Don’t wait too long to realize how valuable you are or how much potential you have and want to invest in leveling up. 

The promotion never came. After being overlooked countless times for something I felt I deserved and worked hard for, I had the final realization of, “Lol I don’t even want to be here.”

I, however, realized I was stuck. I had been working at this job for three years. This was how I met most of my friends. I had found a groove in how I worked. In many ways, this job helped shape certain parts of what makes me who I am. 

But I was over it. 

So I put in my notice. I had decided that if I wanted something different I had to make room for it. I thought, if I stayed different wouldn’t come. But if it did I would continue to be comfortable and let it pass me by. 

It’s been roughly two weeks since my last day and I am pleased, excited even, to say that different has come along. I landed a job doing something I’ve always wanted to do. While some aspects aren’t super great, I think back to three years ago when I didn’t have this opportunity. I think back to two years ago, or even one. I think about how, had I stayed and counted to wait I would have passed this new opportunity up. 

Be afraid of different, better, and new. But don’t be so afraid that you close yourself off to it. Think about what you want to achieve and what’s stopping you. Move that mountain! Cross that road! 

Don’t be afraid to leave your stoop. You just might find the very thing you’ve been looking and waiting for.

Chapter One: Love Isn’t Conditional

There are so many ways to love people.  You can love someone in several ways or one way.  The way you love someone transitions as your relationship goes through certain stages.  But love should never be conditional.

Love should never be, “I’ll love you if…”  It should never be, “I loved you when…”  When you love someone, in whatever capacity, it should remain.  That’s not to say you stay with someone who continues to treat you badly because you love them.  Love shouldn’t hurt physically, although emotionally we cannot avoid it.

I’ve struggled with understanding this and am just now coming to terms with it.  Love should never be conditional.  And just because others who don’t understand that choose to love you in a conditional way, it doesn’t mean you stoop to that level.

Love.  You can fall in and out of love but if you truly love someone you love them either way.  Love. Sometimes we have to learn to learn people in a different space because we grow in many ways.  Sometimes you have to love someone from a distance.  Wish them the very best in life, but understand that you are not meant to be in theirs.  

I think that’s what we forget.

Loving someone is not always wanting to be intimate or share moments.  It’s about wanting the best for them.  It’s about sending them good vibes even if you no longer talk.  It’s about thinking about them every now and then hoping they are in a good place in life.

Love can’t be conditional.  Because if it were we would be unable to love in any capacity…in every capacity.

And I know it’s hard to do, but unconditional love starts with us.  Stop looking for the light and start emitting it.

Let love be free and pure in every way possible. Give it without expecting it in return.