Book Two: Two Thousand Seventeen

I refuse to do the, “New year, new me” spill that people feel the need to do every year.  What I will say instead is, new year, new feel.

While I have been slightly less than consistent with posting (please note the name of this blog), that was never my intention. My intention was to be unconventional in following a format, in following the content, but never the amount of content.

So what should you look out for this coming year?  Some minor things.

I originally decided to post every Tuesday.  You can now look for new posts every other Wednesday.  Along with those posts there may be an additional post, when needed, on the weekend.  Guess you’ll have to subscribe to know when those are published 🙂

It’s the look.  It’s the feel.  It’s tired.  So within the coming weeks be on the lookout for a different look and feel of this blog.

Tags!  I’ve been kind of consistent with these, but in case you haven’t noticed:

uprootedflowerchild, qwoc, qpoc, lgbtq, [key word from post], be gentle with yourself

And this is just the beginning, honestly.  The more I develop, the more I will open myself up to different things, including tags.  

As a final note.  I will be sharing.  Before now I haven’t shared this blog with people who know me.  It’s been a struggle. People tend to see different parts of you and not see others.  I’m composed of several parts.  I’m composed of several people.  Sometimes I go by a nickname.  Sometimes I go by my given name.  Sometimes I don’t go by a name.  

My goal has never been to spread more negativity, but to start being the light.  That may not reflect in my every day actions, but know it’s something I meditate on daily.  We are all evolving and, hopefully, becoming better versions of ourselves.

I look forward to going into the new year with all these changes and more.  I look forward to more growth.  I look forward to YOUR growth!  I know 2016 sucked some major monkey balls, so let’s give all our positive energy and prayers to a better year for everyone.


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