Chapter Nine: Let Go

You know how you struggle with a message that you know is just for you? Like when you’re going through relationship problems and your friends tell you what you need to hear but you just aren’t in the place to receive it? Actually, maybe you are in the place but you choose to fight it from every angle. 

Don’t be that way. 

Now let’s use some cliches so you know it’s real. 

Life is full of seasons. People, places, and things all coordinate with the seasons of our individual lives. A lot of people who believe this tend to think that the actual division of weather aligns with their individual season, but that isn’t always the case. 

I don’t have those answers. Just some insight to how it works for me. 

Letting go is like the wind. It blows every which way and you have to know which way so you don’t get knocked down. It’s ever present in every season. It’s sometimes more calm in one season than in others. 

Let go continuously. 

We tend to hold on to things and people we think benefit us or that/who we benefit. That’s simply no reason to hold on when it’s completely untrue. 

Evaluate the things and people who you give your time and energy to. Evaluate the things and people who steal your time and energy and leave you ragged, restless, and empty. 

I used to hold on to everything good and let go of everything bad. I would consciously sort out the events in my life to make sure I remembered all the details of things that made me happy. So here I am, twenty-six, trying to figure out how I really felt in certain situations because I only chose to keep half it. 

 You cannot appreciate the good without the bad.

All the sayings are true.  So just learn to continuously let go.  You may not be aware of all of the things you’re holding on to.  All of the things that are stopping you from doing something or being something.  Let’s just stop with the self sabotage.

While writing this, a friend of mine asked me what I was letting go of.  I said nothing.  How can that be?  How can you write about something you aren’t actively engaging in?

Well, I’m continuously letting go of fear.  It keeps me from speaking up and speaking out.  It keeps me from really being my authentic self.  I’m always worried about hurting someone’s feelings or coming off too harsh. I’m always worried about sounding too crazy or being too silly.  Fear is preventing me from really living.  And I’m the one allowing it to do so.

Let go, daily, even if it’s in a small way.  Don’t allow things to irk you as much.  Don’t feel obligated to people you don’t want to be obligated to.  

Let go.  It’s okay.  Things will happen just as they are destined to.  But we must let go to make room for change and growth.