Chapter Seven: Be Vulnerable

We have become filled with pride, dislike, fluffed up personalities, and hardened by certain experiences. 

Here’s the catch. Things happen to you but they don’t define who you are. 

I was having a conversation with a friend and she helped me understand that I haven’t dealt with a lot of things from my past. I hate being stuck. I hate feeling like I have no room to grow. So even though I knew she was right, I chose to ignore it. 

Just a few days later I was on a weekly prayer call and was told the exact same thing. I thought, wow this is really something I need to deal with. 

It changed my mood. I was going through feelings and situations that I want to be reconciled but haven’t had the guts to confront. I thought by dealing with everything else, or even nothing at all, I was able to continue evolving. 

Understand, evolution can be stagnant. Everything around you is evolving so you think you’re doing the same thing. But really you’re being left behind. 

Deal with your issues. If something bothers you, talk about. If someone offends you and it makes you feel a way, talk to to them. 

I hate being vulnerable, as most people do. It’s like I’m naked in a crowd of people who can see every insecurity and flaw I have and that’s all they can see. Like every breath I take is being judged. 

I hate it. 

But we have to be vulnerable to deal with certain situations. It’s in our vulnerability that we find truth. That we accept everything we dislike about ourselves. It’s where we find overwhelming love for self and others. 

If I can’t acknowledge my weaknesses what makes me think I know what my strengths are? How do we find them? By being vulnerable. 

I’m not saying go out and shed your “clothes” for every person you encounter, in every setting. I’m saying, make your vulnerable moments count. When you aren’t sure. Own it. When you’re afraid own it. When you just don’t know how to make it. Own it! 

Go out and make every moment count, especially the vulnerable ones. Stand in the sun and allow it to kiss your skin, flaws and all. 


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