Chapter Four: Adventures Are Worth Taking 

What is an adventure? Most people think it’s exploring different countries. But what if I told you adventures can happen everywhere you go?

This summer I’ve decided to explore parts of my city that I haven’t had the chance to see. I’m just thinking about how fascinating it will be to see a different side of home. To look upon fields and bridges. People and establishments. Parks and pools. That I never knew existed. 

Adventures take place on many levels. And some of those levels intersect. You see, while I’m exploring all these new places, I will be exploring myself. Bringing out parts of me I didn’t know existed or didn’t know how to allow to exist. 

You don’t have to go hundred, thousands, or millions of miles away to have new experiences. So don’t let anything stop you. Go out and see the world, starting with the one you think you know so well. 

Take pictures and videos. Make so many memories they have to fight for long term memory storage. 

Find yourself. Each layer. In every place you see. 

Adventures are worth taking. Take at least one and soon you won’t be able to stay put. 


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